B&J Excavating is a committed to constantly improving how each job is assessed, planned and accomplished to best meet the needs of each client.

It is the same service B&J has provided for more than 20 years.

Today, there is a greater need to be flexible and responsive, because the business of building is more complex and demanding. This is precisely why our clients rely on B & J Excavating services to deliver timely, cost-effective and efficient solutions to meet their construction needs.


The B&J approach is to evaluate each project by a team of experts. This team is second to none in the industry for their ability to analyze projects and solve problems. 

B & J’s staff maintains daily contact with clients, architects and engineers. What’s more, B&J staff is also accustomed to projects requiring daily contact with Department of Environmental Protection, along with other Government agencies... Utilities, Soil Conservationists, fellow contractors on job sites and residents whenever necessary.

Technology enables B & J to maximize efficiency to demonstrate cost-effective solutions balancing elevation dimensions.

Today, Global Satellite Positioning on excavating equipment provides unparallel accuracy to less than one inch for precision cutting, grading and balancing.